85. The Waiting Game

I had ample opportunity to write this blog earlier this evening, I think I was holding off in the hope that something super exciting and significant would happen between then and now .. but alas, I am still here writing a post at 10:40pm about another frustrating day in the waiting phase.

Jack alluded to it yesterday, but if you don’t know, we’re waiting to hear back from a property .. So far, it has taken every part of me not to call, text and email Sam the Agent every hour on the hour to check in but today we did receive an email to touch base and tell us that she will let us know ‘shortly’ about the updated property info.


Sooo are we talking shortly like, an hour or two, or are we talking more like sometime in 2021?! Okay, I know I’m being dramatic and I should at least give it a couple of days, but I’m channeling my inner Veruca Salt (If you don’t know the original Charlie & the Chocolate Factory .. make it a freakin’ priority) and I want to know. now!

Anyway, bratty impatience aside, while my days are not yet filled with pouring the perfect brew or styling a perfect coffee shot for insta, they are now being filled with what I like to call “The boring stuff”

I spent around 40 minutes on the phone today talking to various companies trying to get some quotes for business insurance – all unsuccessful (and so so annoying) so I’ve put that task back into the ‘eventually pile’. I have also been working on polishing up our business plan to have John the Financial Advisor go through it (it feels like submitting an assignment to be marked) and also spent another half an hour on the phone to some lovely gals from Newcastle City Council talking all things legislation (and they helped me sift through the mountains of illogically stored information on their website!)

All of this to say, I didn’t do anything that I felt was particularly worthy of the ‘highlight reel’ today; no fun packages, no significant conversations or amazing milestones. But Jack humbly reminded me that this journey is not just the instagrammable (that’s a word, right?!) things, but it’s the whole picture – the days where you don’t get any business quotes and you sit at your computer for an hour and write one line of ‘strategic objectives’.

It’s these little days that gives a foundation to the business , so when we actually get the four walls, we are a strong, well-built cafe – that is built on hard (boring) work and not just fairy-floss dreams!

Ps. If anyone is killer at business plans, holla at me!

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