92. Gumtree Day 2

There’s not too much that makes Jack tick; maybe a lack of food (he is a boy), me not answering my phone but one for sure is having junk in the back of his van. So after last night’s first haul of Gumtree treasures (have a read of Jackson’s previous post), the van was absolutely packed full of loud, scratchy, clang-y things that shook every time he changed gear and made every turn feel like the windows will fall out!

So dramatic analogies aside, I had made it my mission today to make sure that, by the time Jack was home, the van would be totally empty and clean. My wonderful sister Jade had offered us space in the shed out the back of her house, and I was en route and making great time – I was wearing comfy clothes and I was emotionally prepared for the physically exhaustive work of emptying heavy stuff outta the van!

All was peachy … until something happened mid-gear change in the van and my momentum was no longer. I just managed to pull over and immediately called Jack, he very gently led me to a place where I had my whole arm and phone inside the engine Facetiming his to vicariously troubleshoot the issue. Once he decided there was nothing I could do, I decided I could just walk home and Jack would get an Uber. Easy.

Well, after an hour and a half, a call to the police and a little sunburn later, I got home and collapsed onto the lounge and two minutes later Jack walked in after a very stressful, near-death experience in an Uber. What a day, huh?!

So we regrouped, took the car to fix the van, went home then to Jade’s. We unpacked the van and went to Nandos. We repacked the van and went to Jade’s. We unpacked the van and went home.

Sounds relaxing, right?! Wrong.

Well, all in a day’s work of being Gumtree treasure hunters! And days like this make the slow times with Jack seem even sweeter!

Anyway, we ended today with some awesome loot; a commercial fridge (budgeted $1500, paid $0), a commercial toaster (worth $1200, paid $100) and three industrial light fittings (worth $150 each, bought all 3 for $100). Some big wins for some thrifty ratbags!

Photo 30-1-18, 6 19 17 pm.jpg

Photo 30-1-18, 6 19 03 pm.jpg

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