93. The Gumtree Miracle

The Gumtree trawling has officially paid off!

Last night we found an ad on gumtree selling “Cafe Tables” Ri and I soon discovered it was a Nando’s in our local shopping centre that was closing down and they had some really cool (and on brand) items. At the time I honestly thought it was a nice thing to favourite but didn’t put much more thought into it until 3:20pm today when I receive a phone call, It’s Rianna, she has ended up at the Nando’s by ‘coincidence’ and has spoken to the owner about us making some purchases.. and so we did, so much in fact that we couldn’t fit all of it in the van, see below..


It’s a rough photo but here is the inventory of trip No.1

  • 8x Cooler then we can afford Chairs – $20 each
  • 6x Rustic Timber Tables – $50 Each

Total: $460

We also purchased some more exciting appliances that wouldn’t fit in our van today which means they wont be fitting in today’s blog either, but speaking of not fitting, you may be asking now.. Where will you be putting all that stuff? Do you finally have a cafe space?
Well, no.. we don’t but we are lucky enough to have incredible siblings that have allowed us to put our new 10m³ of assorted cafe bits and pieces in their granny flat for a few weeks (hopefully)

Thank you Jade & Charlie, Thank you Gumtree and Thank you Nando’s – Home of the Peri-Peri Chicken and bargains.

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