94. Our [fab] Accountant

If we’re making it a habit to turn every ‘business meeting’ into a post-meal conversation, I am tottttally  okay with it – first the chicken tacos and coffee machines meeting and now we crunched numbers over fresh Chicken Katsu Curry. The small business gig is sweet!

Our friend Clare is amongst other things (like being the sweetest and most generous person of all time), a killer accountant – so in passing, she mentioned if we ever needed help with the number side of starting a business, then let her know. While I know that sometimes, some people offer things with absolutely no intention of following through – but our Clare is not that kinda gal, so I text her, she invited us over for dinner and all night we ate cheese, curry and listened to records (pretty sweet deal for a business meeting, right?!) and somewhere in amongst there, Clare gave us the rundown on how to start a business without being total rookies (which, um, we are!) – I brought a notebook, scribbled down every single thing she said and absorbed the advice about the importance of being money smart!

A meeting like this reaffirms to Jack and I that this process, like our whole marriage, is one we want everyone on board with; not just spectating from the side, but helping us, poking at our blindspots and, okay, maybe making us a curry when we’d otherwise have toast for dinner!

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